420 friendly dating speed dating in lancaster pa

This term can also mean that the person doesn’t smoke themselves, but they are okay with those who do.You will ultimately need to ask the person if they themselves smoke, though it is usually implied that they do if they have this in their profile.If you have ever smelled marijuana before, you know how strong it is.If the person you are interested in doesn’t have “420 friendly” in their dating profile, there are a number of other ways to tell if they’re okay with smoking weed.There are quite a few people who just don’t want to be around someone who smells like weed all the time.Some people are able to get used to it after a while, and others don’t even want to try.There are actually a lot of people who put this in their profile just because they are okay with people who smoke marijuana, but don’t do it themselves.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person absolutely needs to be with someone who smokes, but it is sometimes preferred.

It is against the law in a lot of places Smoking marijuana is still against the law in a vast majority of places in the U. and all over the world, so it’s no surprise that a person who enjoys smoking it will put it in their profile.

The person usually just wants to be upfront about their behaviour instead of letting it be a surprise later on, which is actually pretty considerate when you think about it.

If you can detect the strong scent of marijuana coming off the person, there is a good chance they enjoy the devil’s lettuce.

Take a look at pictures of the person on the dating site as well as social media to see if there are any clues that they might enjoy smoking marijuana.

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