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The EU calls on the Philippines to respect its obligations under international law and not to adopt bills reintroducing the death penalty or on lowering the age of criminal responsibility to 9 years currently under discussion in the Philippines.A Fate Worse Than Death: Jailed For Serial Libel Suitsby Rowena C. THERESA Briones thinks it’s bad enough that her father had to spend five years in jail – including two years with hardened criminals – because something he wrote offended someone. He was convicted on six counts of libel in 2000, for which he was sentenced to 12 years and six months in jail.But now five libel cases are again hovering over her father’s head, and 22-year-old Theresa can’t help but cry. After serving almost half of his 12-year, six-month sentence, he applied for and was granted parole in 2005, enabling him to be reunited with his family, which includes Theresa and her four siblings.Last April 22, however, Masbate Vice Governor Vince Revil filed two libel complaints against Ronnie Valladores, managing editor and columnist of the local paper , and Briones as its publisher.

Indeed, access and disclosure are two equal parts of the FOI equation.A central common task that must be achieved promptly is the passage of the FOI Law. Coalition has waged a 15-year campaign to have the FOI Law passed and with his EO No. Duterte must now, in words as in deeds, push with vigor the passage of the FOI Law by his “super majority” in both legislative chambers.In this, the Senate and the House of Representatives must not falter and fail anymore than their predecessors in five prior Congresses did. As best we could and by the standards of transparency, accountability, and good governance, the Right to Know. Coalition commits to assist the Executive branch improve its FOI mechanisms. Coaltion enjoins the citizens, CSOs, academe, the private sector, and all sectors to engage in FOI practice and join the campaign for the passage of an authentic FOI Law.This must include the right to due process and safeguarding the right to life as well as the respect of the proportionality principle.The EU also calls for the protection of Human Rights Defenders and underlines the importance of freedom of expression and opinion.

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