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The output XML configuration file can be read as input to the "Generate Map Server Cache" tool.

There are cases where the cache may need to be distributed to other servers or where a new map service configuration needs to be configured to work with an existing cache.

If there is a problem while generating the cache and the generation tool fails, if the cache tiles become obsolete, if cache tiles are damaged, or if layers or scale-levels need to be removed from the cache, the cache can be updated.

The generate tool is intelligent enough to know what tiles already exist and will only add new tiles where necessary.

Arc GIS provides many ways to create a cached map service.

Arc Catalog, Arc Tool Box geoprocessing tools, scriptable command line geoprocessing tools, or the Arc Engine API can all create and manage caches, and Arc Catalog provides an easy means to associate a cache with a map service.

Instructions for deleting this cache can be found in the Arc GIS Desktop Help.

You can delete an entire fused cache or individual layers in a multi-layer cache.

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