Are tessa virtue scott moir dating

After that short-lived tryst, the two left it as just friends...who happen to participate in the Olympics together and dance with the most chemistry anyone has ever seen.The Winter Olympics are my favorite for one reason and one reason only: ice skating.OK, I also like the skiing and the snowboarding, but ice skating brings something unique to the table that no other sport in the world does. And their performance in Ellen De Generes's pointedly-named "Definitely Not Dating Game" did not help their case.Perhaps it was just the 20 years of professional partnership or whatever, but the two did suspiciously well.I mean, I hate most athletic events, but an athletic event that also involves steamy sexual tension? And when I say "steamy sexual tension," with regard to ice skating, you all know who I'm referring to here: Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.But are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in a relationship? Well, anyone who has ever been lucky enough to watch the two dancers glide around the ice together might think they are definitely dating.

But the difference between the talk-show host and the rest of us is that she actually got to ask them about it.If you haven't had the chance to watch them skate together and feel the palpable sexual tension pulsing through your TV screen, though, here is one of their performances from the 2018 Pyeong Chang Olympics to give you a feel: On top of that steamy routine, they also literally hold each other closer than pretty much any other pair of dancers, hold hands in a way that many fans feel is much more than platonic, and even crush it at a round of Despite all of that sexy, sexy tension, the two swear that there is nothing romantic about their relationship.In an interview with Golden Skate, the pair told the outlet that they are just "best friends." Needless to say, fans of the two are utterly disappointed.She had Virtue and Moir on her show on Tuesday, and of course put them on the spot -- and wouldn't let them off easy.OK, but, like, "Definitely not dating" really means, "We're so in love and will be together forever." Right? See something entertaining on social media that you think deserves to be shared?

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