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Since the platform is completely run and managed by women, the services offered are free of cost for women, while men have to pay through credit packs ranging from Rs. How it works is - you create a profile with an email ID (they suggest you create a new ID just for the site), fill in your details (age, hobbies, personality type etc), and some photographs (“discrete photos are advised,” they say).

Browse through profiles and send private messages or “crushes” to tell someone you like them.

There is nothing inherently sinful in dynamite, it all depends on how and for what purpose it is used: so with sex.

If accepted as God's gift and used wisely under God's control, it can be the means of man's highest fulfilment.

The world and the Devil are quick to teach them in their own way what the Church should have taught them first in a pure way.

I have also seen many "Christian" marriages that have fulfilled the devil's purpose instead of God's.

I cannot but open fire now with the deadliest weapons in God's armoury.

For further details, please contact: [email protected] or Christian Fellowship Church, 40, Da Costa Square, Wheeler Road Extension, Bangalore-560084, India. As a result, young people obtain their information in perverted forms from the "gutter".

No part of it may be copied or printed or translated without written permission from the author. In India, instruction on these matters is usually not given either by parents to their children or by pastors to their young people.

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