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It’s also common for parents to assume that you’re using online dating to either find the love of your life or just one-time hook-ups, with no chance for a happy medium.

While I can’t speak for everyone, many of us resort to dating apps in hopes of a good time that will blossom into a relationship down the road, which is what any parent would want for their child.

We’ve also become a society that relies so heavily on technology for anything and everything, so using it to our advantage in the name of love is only right.missing my girlies tonight- this is the hard part in co-parenting. I’m thankful that they aren’t many but I miss them terribly. Make the best decisions for your kids, love them more than you hate your ex! #parentalalienation #parentalalienationawareness #childabuseawareness #stopchildabuse #fathersrights #fathersrightsmovement #mothersrights #father #mother #erased #truth #lies #narcissist #narcissticabuse #survivor #childrensrights #children #son #daughter #fight #standupforwhatsright #nocontact #redflag #coparenting #blendedfamily #familymatters #familyisforever #love #bekind I’ve found this to be true in so many areas of life. I honestly don't understand how someone could deliberately hurt their children just to try to make the other parents upset or look bad.#amothersthoughts #myheartoutsidemychest I want to clarify things when I say “single mom” I’m not a single parent at all, I am however a single woman. We thankfully get along enough to make this co parenting relationship work (so far). So having that goal of always putting our son first is a huge triumph for us. #co Parenter #co Parenting #divorce #transition #conflictfree #childcentricdecisions #coparenting ALL children should be free to love and be loved by both parents without fear or guilt. When we need to learn a lesson, there are multiple ways that lesson comes to us. Even though online dating has been around for decades and new dating apps are popping up every day, are your Mom and Dad still freaking out at the fact that you’re turning to technology to find your next bae?Instead of hoping you bring someone other than your BFF home to family gatherings (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), they’d rather play a ruthless game of 20 questions about how dating apps work and why you think it’s acceptable to rely on the Internet to play Cupid.

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