Brandi glanville book drinking and dating

“You’re a psychopath,” Radziwill shouts at Drescher on the show’s trailer. ” Meanwhile, Drescher has perfectly timed feuds going with several cast members. And even though most “Real Housewives” books fail, more are coming.

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And while there is your fair share of Brandi Babble (one per chapter, to be exact), these 141-278 pages, depending on which way you hold your i Pad, offer a look at Brandi as a regular mother and scorned lover.

Misses * “Let Me Tell You Something” by Caroline Manzo (New Jersey) has sold a paltry 6,000 copies.

* “Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage” by Melissa Gorga (New Jersey) has racked up only 8,000 in sales — possibly hurt by a passage by her husband Joe that seemed to advocate marital rape.

#Could Be Worse.)"Brandi goes onto deny having affairs during her marriage, discuss how she can't stand reading personal, private details of her life in the tabloids ("#Us Weekly"), and discovering a new mantra for deciding who to date (No one is off limits, there are no types, and "Yes is the new no! Then she details how she became another in a series of Hollywood's failed Stepford wives.

Brandi met Eddie Cibrian shortly after moving to LA when she was just a starving, single gal model who would act as a rich Persian's non-sexual escort armcandy ("In fact, he's still a close friend of mine today," Brandi reveals.) In exchange for him paying half of her rent for a decent apartment she shared with her friend Michelle they helped him gain entry into the exclusive Hollywood clubs.

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