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Mingle2 is full of hot guntur girls waiting tohear from you. Replyandrew donnelly says:april 29, 2017 at pmrebecca you have posted a long article on a sceptics websiteattempting to debunk the work of danny gilman natawidjaja.

Sometimes, the samples are describedas organic inclusions in the sand or clay between layers of andesitein the drill core, as in this quote from a 2015 presentation (googletranslation edited for clarity):for example in the case of mount padang, the artificial rock layersunderground are estimated at about 7000 years bp (= 5000 years bc)based on the age of the carbon contained in the soil between thestones of the columns or layers of soil that became the foundation;this means that we assume that the soil was brought in by the men whobuilt the site from the ground around the site, and contained thebodies of animals and plants that lived at that time or throughout thetime of the construction of layer 2 sites.Interestingly enough thefongbin glyphs appear to circumscribe territories also.This discovery, when studied along side the layout of other monolithsaround the world, of the same period and later, presents aninteresting hypothesis.Seems tome the only thing you got correct in your comment is the spelling ofeveryones names.In dealing with a sphere you enter therealm of spherical geometry.

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