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TALK TO ME FIRST, DON'T SEND A STARTER DON'T MESSAGE ME IF YOU DON'T WANT TO RP full profile for my other ocs Name: Ayako Birthday: april 12 Age: 360 race: Yokai She was saved by Nurarihyon when she was a kid and became friends with Rihan.

She believed her and Rihan started to date when they were older when they slept together.

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Enable compression for the following resources to reduce their transfer size by 2.5Ki B (54% reduction).After the funeral, she found out she was pregnant again (curse didn't affect her) and decided to move away because she didn't want to deal with how the clan would react if they were to find out who the father is and named their daughter Aiko.(thinking that the same enemies had revived Rihan and been trying to break his mind so he would attack his clan (Ayako never thought of the possibility)) daughter Name: Aiko Age: 7 Birthday: November 20 Race: Half-Yokai appearance: pure black hair and amber like color eyes like her father She loves her mother and doesn't like to ask her mother about her father because she gets upset about it.*-* Girls also: Lucy, Ikaros, etc TAGS: /undertale/chara-frisk/cyber/gangbang/roleplay/slut/submissive/dominant/master/pet/slave/sex/fuck/whore/anal/bj/blowjob/handjob/footjob/tentacles/dick/cock/futa /masturbate/swallow/threesome/cumbath/cumslut/foursome/deepthroat/bondage/titfuck/boobjob/asuna/Chara/Frisk/kushina /misaki/C. Most humans call me Temptation Age: 16 1/2 Race: Fallen Angel/ Neko/ Witch Hybird Looks: The Picture Weapons: My stregth, power, ablilty,..bow and arrow. Lust, Hate, Depression, Pain, and Death is now my game.

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