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They include full-size 11 x 17 copies of schematics and assembly drawings as originally produced by IMSAI.

It is the most complete version of the 8080 manual ever produced!

Had IMSAI prevailed in early support, perhaps we'd have IPHONES rather than i Phones; IPADS rather than i Pads, IMSMacs rather than Macs, ad infinitum!

Ironically, Millard later went on to found the Computerland (nee Computer Shack) sales franchise and company stores.

There were still some troubling aspects such as designs based on parts that were of limited lifespan, and a very awkward software architecture that lacked an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Howard dropped out as his interests drifted to other projects he was working on, so nothing progressed much beyond 2006. I had planned on sending them to Christie's Auction House in London a couple of years ago for their "Movies and Memorabilia" auction, but as time grew shorter and lack of verifiable security for these irreplaceable items loomed, I decided to cancel.

These items will one day find a new home and possibly enrich me both monetarily and in comfort in knowing that they will be treasured in their new home.

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There was a time many years ago when IMSAI might have been the birthing place for a grand idea of two Steve's who were so poor they could only afford one first name!I sent him some photos that I took in 2006 when I provided the props for an AT&T commercial shoot in Playa Del Ray, California in one of Howard Hughes' immense airplane hangers which are now being used for film and commercial shoots. I had a run on demand for the front panel switch escutcheons and have knocked out a fresh batch.Phil has put together a slide show that highlights some of the early hardware used in the filming. These are identical to the original IMSAI 8080 switch escutcheon, and painted with the same charcoal gray textured urethane paint.At the time I had recently moved to the engineering department and recall one of the early programmers, Al Levy, stating at that time that he felt that the 6502 held great promise for graphical interface support and that it would be a processor worth exploring further.This might have been just after Jobs and Wozniak were shown the door out. Nothing further developed, save for this remembrance.

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