Consolidating private student loans calculator

The Repayment Estimator estimates your federal student loan payments under each repayment plan so you can make an informed decision regarding your first repayment plan.If you don't actively choose a different repayment plan, your loan servicer will place you on the Standard repayment plan.To obtain payment estimates for your spouse's loan(s), your spouse may sign-in and/or use this tool to estimate payments for his/her loans separately.Close Adjusted Gross Income is an individual (or couple's) total taxable income minus specific reductions.

Support includes money, gifts, loans, housing, food, clothes, car, medical and dental care, and payment of college costs.For the PAYE, IBR, and ICR Plans, family size also always includes your spouse.For the REPAYE plan, family size includes your spouse unless your spouse's income is excluded from the calculation of your payment amount.To access information on your federal student loans that are not automatically populated for you, check the National Student Loan Data System at *Some of your loans might not be eligible for this repayment plan, check the repayment plan eligibility information below or ask your servicer for more information.

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