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Als jij een kerel bent met veel lef en ook zoekt naar een lekker avontuur laat dan zeker even iets weten.Mijn grootste fantasie is om samen met een vriendin van m Moonlight is different! We think a picture says more then a thousand words. So on Moonlight you have the option to make a pretty Collage including all your interests! I’m not being dramatic- trying to decode and read into messages from people in your life is downright exhausting. Instead, they’ve opted to send a passive aggressive text in the hopes that you’d be able to decipher what is going on. You’re not Carrie from – you don’t have the skills or the time for this CIA sh*t.

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Ik wil gewoon een keer lekker lol hebben en niet de hele tijd met mijn neus in de boeken te hoeven zitten. Hey hallo, Citta is de naam,35 jaar, en kom uit Garderen. Zal een beetje proberen uit te leggen wat ik daar mee bedoel.

Trading-in sleeves for a statement neckline may seem like madness when the cold sets in, but – trust us – it’s not.

With a long floor-skimming skirt (preferably featuring a thigh-grazing split), a dress like Kate’s becomes statuesque and slimming thanks to its neckline.

Reflecting on such an incident, Michael actor recounted a time when he dropped his car keys under his vehicle when giving Kate a ride somewhere, and she filmed him crawling on the ground to try and pick them up.

As autumn turns to winter and party season returns a smashing black frock will be a godsend.

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