Dating a high schooler while in college

That didn't ensue for another two more years, but it was an incredibly memorable first impression.

That night, he became much more than just a memorable face to me. Yet for two years, he kept how he felt about my existence well hidden.

Most notably, his good friend Lawrence, who runs a non-profit in Birmingham and is well connected.

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We started dating the summer before my freshman year of college. He wanted to accomplish two things with the proposal- 1. To counter my intuition, he constructed an elaborate lie with the help of multiple people.I unlocked the front door, and Jacob led me into the kitchen.There, in the same place we met to the day so many years ago, he had a letter and a dish of chocolate cobbler waiting for me.He was the older guy in college and I was just a high schooler.To me, he was an example of the kind of guy I hoped to end up with one day. For the sake of keeping this brief, it is a connecting point from the moment in my kitchen to five years down the road.

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