Dating a pleaser

Should I leave him and let him carry on on his own, or should I fight and help? "Get Ready for a Heart-Break", What if he only asked you to marry him because he was pleasing you? What if he has decided that he wants to pursue getting to know himself first and needs to break-up to see if you are what he wants in his life or was it just to please you and stay in the relationship because he could not tell you "no"?

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And, according to the study, while they may be likeable, they are not that deep.Sometimes I feel like our relationship takes the backseat because he wants to do something that somebody asked him to do.Meanwhile, he has worked close to 70 hours within the week and have not spent much time with me.Essentially, it means modifying behavior to satisfy the localized social situation (i.e. People with high levels of self-monitoring are generally popular, well-liked, and more likely to be promoted.That being said, a recent study shows that they are less committed to relationships than low self-monitors.

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