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The short paragraph headed "Refusal on the grounds of dislike" is important information to a historian today for what it reveals about the life of men in 1879.That such a letter was not absurd to include in a serious work is mute testimony to the number of young men who "failed" in the world. -- I am astonished at your temerity, or, rather, your impudence.Usually the tone of the letter is vague and contains assurances that the honored lady thanks the gentleman for his offer but she cannot accept his proposal.The Victorian precept that a lady "never explains or complains" is followed rigidly.They were exposed to temptations unknown to most of their fathers in a society more restrictive than that which their sons would enjoy.

Near the end of the section there is generally one curt letter of refusal to a marriage proposal.At least enough young men had to be trying that route in order to justify the letter manual's inclusion of "Refusal on the grounds that the suitor is much younger than herself".The text is interesting enough to be cited at length: "Dear Sir.Various books dictated proper etiquette; Godey's Lady's Book and Mrs.Beeton's Book of Household Management were popular.

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