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A catch-all for bringing internet scams to the attention of the FBI and FTC is the U. government's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at Internet Fraud Complaints Center.

If you are looking for your local FBI Office Listings to report a crime or scam, click here.

They may have raised a child alone or lost a child.

They could be adopted or they may be nursing parents through illness.

When we receive an inquiry about a website, we first look for the signs of both a scam and a reputable company.In fact, James was a gang of Nigerian fraudsters who were later convicted.They may have larger amounts of money to lose and subsequently be more prepared to act as a cautionary tale to others, but men and women, young and old, are equally likely to succumb to romantic fraud.When it was ‘Felix’s birthday’, Sara sent money for an i Phone. ‘I believed in the boy – that was my weak point,’ she says.When he had an accident and needed surgery, Sara paid for it. ‘I tried my best to help that child.’‘Even when the fraud is revealed, they find it hard to let go.

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