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As can be seen on the photo above – the knobs, the trapeze tailpiece, and the color of the guitar all perfectly match Gary’s guitar.The only difference is the humbucker pickup in the bridge position, which is missing from Gary’s guitar.Gary modified this guitar by replacing original neck pickup with a white Di Marzio Super Distortion pickup, while the rest seems to be pretty much all stock.Gary was first seen using this guitar during the Thin Lizzy 1979 Black Rose Tour.

The most promising clue to give us the exact dating of the guitar is the trapeze tailpiece.

This mod allowed for the pickups to be the out of phase when the toggle switch is set in the middle position. While the guitar was still in Peter’s possession he removed the pickguard, and when Gary got the guitar he replaced the two bottom control knobs with the more modern “reflector” knobs – which he found more comfortable to use.

Gary used this guitar as his main in the early years, and almost exclusively until the late 70s.

After leaving Fleetwood Mac in 1970 Peter borrowed the guitar to Gary, as he was sort of a mentor to him in the early years.

Gary kept using the guitar for some time, and eventually agreed to buy it from Peter respecting his personal wish that the guitar would have a good home with Moore.

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