Dating match test

Finding out how genetics and psychology may influence your relationship can be one part of the dating process, helping to narrow down prospective matches.

“Just because you get a low score doesn’t mean we’re saying you shouldn’t be together.

HLAs drive which bacteria grow on our skin, contributing to our body scent.

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Instant Chemistry has partnered with online dating sites such as Singld that use DNA and specific personality traits to find matches.

According to the test, we are an 85% overall match, a rather strong result, Gonzalez says.

Most couples get a score between 60-80%; he and his wife, Sara Seabrooke, one of the co-founders of the company, got 80% on their test.

With more people turning to their laptops and apps to find love—25% of Canadians have tried online dating—codifying attraction at a glance based on gender, location, sexual preference, religion and so on is becoming the norm. In honour of Valentine’s Day, I decided to give Instant Chemistry a try with my First, here’s a breakdown of how the process works.

Each user is assigned an online profile that is tied to their DNA test (based on a saliva sample) as well as an online psychological assessment, developed by a clinical psychologist and unique to the company.

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