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As the authors concluded, “psychopathic personality traits should be considered as a predictor of attachment insecurities, rather than the opposite, in a dyadic perspective” (p. In summary: Knowing about these findings, is there anything you can do to improve a relationship with a person high in psychopathy?

It seems to me that, armed with this study’s findings, you can increase your resolve to seek intervention in which you address head-on the role of both you and your partner's personality in your relationship’s eventual ability to succeed.

All couples were heterosexual, so the design of the study allowed the researchers to examine the effects of the male partner on his wife, and vice versa.

This translated into looking at the actor’s (say, the man’s) effect on his partner as well as the converse, the effect of the woman (now the actor) on the man (now the partner in the analysis).

We've all seen the stereotype of a psychopath in the media.

(Think “Criminal Minds.") He is a man, typically in his 20s or early 30s, whose coldness and lack of remorse compels him to commit sadistic acts, including murder.

Individuals who fit the criteria of psychopathic personality disorder—whether or not they also engage in criminal behavior—exhibit behaviors associated with an avoidant attachment style, being unable to form close intimate relationships.

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For both men and women, though, the secondary psychopathic traits (engaging in antisocial acts) predicted greater attachment-avoidance and anxiety over time.They also rated their attachment style along the dimensions of anxiety (fear of abandonment) and avoidance (inability to get close to others).The fact that participants rated themselves across the two test occasions allowed the Savard team to examine the effect, over time, of one partner’s effects on the other partner’s scores.Reference Savard, C., Brassard, A., Lussier, Y., & Sabourin, S. Subclinical psychopathic traits and romantic attachment in community couples: A dyadic approach. doi:10.1016/20 We often don't frame psychopaths in a romantic context, which is ironic because some of those who we frame in a romantic context have psychopathic tendencies unknown to us. Honestly the term 'psychopath' has been seriously cheapened to mean anyone who does something that people think as unacceptable, like a spree killer.In my opinion, we find true psychopaths (showing tendencies in all areas of life) so rarely it's probably better just to go with the anti-social personality label.

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