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I've hit the wall on my old schedule, I need a change-up." And so there you've served up a nice little personalized compliment that's relevant to the situation AND to her - and is immediately working to spark her up with some genuine admiration.Plus, your remark makes sense to her in this particular situation - it's not just some canned line.Link it up with something specific about that girl (give her some private, cutesy name like "ab-work Annie" in your own head) to form a mental association, and then file this scrap of info away into your memory bank.Some of you will be better at this than others, what can I say?Again, I think patience is needed here because women seem easily put off by intrusions into their mental workout zone - so you have to sort of wear these barriers down first in order to set them up for a possible move later on.If you can pull a favorable eye contact reaction like this on future encounters, then a bit of stop-and-chat might be in order and will certainly appear less offensive since the girl's given you some cause to open a convo with her.It may take a few encounters to get her thinking about you in a romantic sense, if at all - and so you have to play it cool.

How do you break through to these chicks who are encapsulated in their own little world of sound and obviously trying to lock the rest of us out?

Let's face it, gyms will probably never be the ideal environment for meeting women, but these simple ideas may give you a better chance to make a play within a poor situation now and then.

The way to view this entire deal is to welcome whatever opportunities you can stir up in the fitness center as an ADJUNCT to your some other social activities - not as your saving grace or the one place where you're exclusively hanging out to meet women.

About the only non-intrusive thing you CAN do is make solid eye contact wherever possible and quickly shoot them a friendly smile, without actually saying anything (since she can't hear anyway).

If you get a good return look from her then you might have a play, but I usually store these up and wait to act on a similar positive read next time, not immediately.

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