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"And in our culture, women get the message that saying no is tantamount to being difficult, so we're often not able to say no unless we're at the end of our rope." Bowing out pay off, notes Rego: "Putting your foot down more often lowers stress and improves your confidence and well-being." Follow these simple guidelines to knowing when, and how, to make the most of this sanity-saving two-letter word.Read your body It's natural to want to be generous and "give up your own needs to meet someone else's," says Linda Tillman, Ph D, a psychologist at Emory University in Atlanta.To know if you've crossed that fine line from kind to compulsive people-pleaser, pay attention to how you feel -- in the moment and later."If you say yes and then find yourself feeling resentful or irritated at yourself or the other person, then you know that you were doing it not out of generosity but because you felt you to," Tillman says. If you can't answer the above right away, say: "I'll need to get back to you on that." Develop your ix-nay muscles "Saying no is a learned skill that anyone can develop," Newman says. Tillman recommends something along these lines: "I know you were really hoping to have all your friends around for your baby shower, so I'm even more sorry I can't go." 4. If you know you might waver when you see disappointment or surprise on the other person's face, it can be very empowering to lead with the no, says Tillman.

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"Even if you are a very successful person, you're not going to feel great unless your relationships are harmonious," Cohen-Sandler says.

To increase the supply of money in the economy, the Federal Reserve can also purchase Treasuries on the open market to infuse capital into a weakening economy.

If someone has been very kind in adjusting their schedule and making sacrifices to help you, in English you might say, "Thanks for being so accommodating!

makes the top 25 list of the most commonly misspelled words in business writing. See what else Mike Cohn has to say about Agile project management in this interview with Matt Heusser.

In passing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990, Congress attempted to level the playing field for disabled workers.

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