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-- N6KI Parasitic Element: A person who takes lists for DX-stations. To make a ground plane, of course -- AC6V Big Gun: QRP is for sissies! -- AC6V CQ CQ DX - No QSLs - Just QSOs (Guaranteed Pileup Getter) - AC6V NO!Bruce Talkington -- N4ZEZ Heard on 80 Meters -- "The name here is George. -- So Cal Repeater We don't give radio checks in this state - NY Repeater Dead Silence -- Wyoming Repeater Not to Yankees, we don't - W4 Repeater AC6V note -- I actually received these responses. Master Card, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, Carte Blanche', and personal checks accepted, but cash prefered. Tnx to Andy the dustybear DX IS -- Hugh Cassidy DX IS -- Every 11 Years or so -- AC6V Give me ambiquity or give me something else -- Dave WB7AWK To QRO or Not To QRO -- Ain't No Question!-- Bogie Here's QSLing you kid -- Bogie All ya gotta do is - whistle -- To key or to key not -- A mike test by Bacall Adios QRPer - Stallone or Willis?? ) Pay Atoll Pirates Cove Mischief Reef QSL Bar -- Don't even ask Que Ess Cay -- Breakins allowed Ship-Trap Island (Have u read "The Most Dangerous Game") Skull Island -- Home of K1ng Kng Slim's Spit Big Rock Candy Mountain, VT Bird-in-Hand, PA (power measurement contest) Black Gnat, Ky (Ky inputs from Lloyd Curry NA4D) Bumble Bee, AZ Castaway Cay Chicken, AK Combined locks, WI Chugwater, WY Cut and Shoot, TX -- From Hal K4HB Davidson Ditch, Alaska Dinosaur, CO Duckwater, NV Eighty Eight, Ky Embarrass, WI Enigma, GA Experiment, GA Fish Haven, ID Ft.Had to work em OM -- he'd be out that door and gone -- E. Robinson -- Key Largo Round up the usual jammers -- Rains -- Casablanker You came back - to a pileup like this -- Magnificent Seven I cudda been on the honor roll Charlie -- Brando We're on a DXpedition from GD --The Blues Brothers I love the smell of ozone in the morning --Apocalypse Now Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful pileup -- Bogie ELWOOD: It's 6,000 miles to Heard Isle, we've got a full gallon, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Dick, CA Fort Neccessity, LA Gnaw Bone, Indiana - From Gary V." -- Clinton Herbert, AB7RG "Rule Numbers 404 & 505 of Ham Radio: Anything that can be used as a station "accessory" can and will be.

Directed By Alfred Switchbox Name is James, Call is BND -- Agent 73When Asked What The Time Was; Yogi Berra Replied "You Mean Right Now? (TNX KB7NTL) Untamed Dog --- WLF Hungarian Dog --- HUND Original Dog -- W1ENR Pedigreed Dog -- NCUR Italian Dog --- IM1CUR Hunting Dog ---- B1RD/DG Sleuth Dog --- BLOD German Dog -- DGIE Alaskan Dog -- HUSKI/AL7 French Dog -- F1DO Hollywood Dog -- GOFY HAM IN JAIL --- NRIG HAM IN DEBT --- HCK %% Zero Gravity Ham -- W8LES AMBIVALENT HAM --- NYES EDUCATED HAM -- NALL HAM WITH BEST BEANS -- L1MA %% NOAH's NEIGHBOR -- NARK SHOOT FROM THE HIP HAM --- NAIM INDUSTRIOUS HAM -- WRK EARLY BIRD HAM -- WRM AFFECTIONATE HAM -- K1SS JUST PLAIN HAM -- PRK %% VERY GOOD CALL -- N1CE ALL HEATH STATION -- K1TS HAM IN VEGAS --- Yep u guessed it -- NWIN YOUNG HAM ---- W9KID (ex-KB9KID) DUMB HAM --- ID1OT %% DUMBER HAM -- MRON %% DID I MAKE THESE UP ??

You yank his tail in New York and he meows in Los Angeles. Now, radio is exactly the same, except that there is no cat." __Attributed to Albert Einstein A bootlegger walks into a radio store and tells the salesman that he would like to buy the new HF rig over in the corner.

The salesman says, "Sorry, we don't sell to bootleggers".

Mike was known around the northeast for this everytime he called CQ." From Bob Wilder, W4RHW SPACE CADETS - VERSION 2 If you didn't hear W2OY, you missed a one-of-a-kind. No kids, no lids, no school bus riders or space cadets. This is the NO PHONETICS station, W2OY." I heard that hams in his town got so worked up over his antics, that somebody sneaked into his yard one night and drove a pin through his coax, but I have no way of knowing whether this story is true.

-- From Bill, NG3O Big Gun W6: "Ahchooo" -- DX11DX Replies -- Ur only 10 over today Harry -- AC6V You Can Get Further With A Kind Word and a Linear - than u can with just a kind word - Big Al From Chicago (AC6V) "Be it an airplane or a wire; when in doubt, ground it!

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