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The company also uses some paper and New Zealand wool, and they back rugs with natural latex that is derived from rubber trees.Biodegradable carpets Traditionally – in the good old days before people realized the vital importance of going green – carpets were made using petrochemical products that were non-renewable.They also frequently contained volatile organic compounds (VOC).Happily times are changing and biodegradable products on the increase.It certainly stands to reason that irrespective of what they are made of, if carpets aren’t kept clean, they can easily become a source of allergies.Another aspect to consider is that if carpets are made or laid using toxic adhesives (those containing formaldehyde for example) they can also result in poor indoor air quality until all the gases have been released after installation.Renewable resources for eco-friendly carpets Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc ( is a North American company that uses renewable resources for all their floor covering products.They steadfastly avoid using any products that are sourced from non-renewable products and only use 100% natural products.

So if you are keen to lay an environmentally friendly carpet in your home, be sure that the material of both the surface covering and any underfelt or padding used really is “green”.

Natural-fiber matting tops the list of biodegradable carpet because it is both remarkably sustainable in terms of production, and is completely biodegradable.

Because only natural fibers are used for Earth Weave products, their carpeting is said to be totally biodegradable.

There is a huge selection of different soft flooring products to choose from, some of which are more hardwearing than others – and some of which are less environmentally friendly than others.

Available materials include acrylic fiber, tough polyester and polypropylene (which are both petroleum-based products), nylon (which may be recycled nylon), coir, sea grass, jute, hemp, abaca, sisal and natural wool.

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