Ghana women for dating marriage

The solution should never be another marriage but a simple agreement at the Marriage Registry where couples can sign to a polygamous marriage or the possibility of such or none at all.

Truth is that wedding in itself does not means a man cannot marry twice, it is the marital agreement that makes it so.

Due to the right of the man to marry multiple partners, he is not given a ring.

Couples therefore look to wedding as means to secure their marriage and bind the man to just one woman.

Admittedly, people can marry the traditional way alone and be accepted but we cannot overlook how they are treated as inferior to those who marry again in the White way by society and even the Church.

The sad part is that most of our Church leaders who entrench this error in marriage are those who married the old way without needing a second wedding to be accorded the needed respect.

At this time, they meet both families at their own convenience and inform them of their engagement and intention to marry. It can take place anywhere the couple choose even though at this stage, they make room for the families to make inputs though none binding.It is another Saturday and just as it was on Saturdays past, couples already married will be made to marry all over again.This is because we have contrived to make nonsense of our local system of marriage, decorated a foreign marriage system and made it the main marriage for our youth.The process differs from culture to culture but what cuts across is that the Pride Price (If demanded) will be presented.Today, there is always a prayer section by Ministers to seek God’s blessing for the marriage.

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