Greco guitar dating

These are rare, and the Ob G Reissue solid flametops are even rarer.The Orville by Gibson Les Paul Standard series (LPS) 1988-1993, do not have fret edge binding and have "Standard" on the truss rod cover,.excepting pickups, are otherwise identical to the Ob G reissues.After 1982 the tokai production numbers and variety of models increased dramatically, and the LS-80 specs varied somewhat, some began to appear with 2 piece backs, and veneer flametops, I only stock the earlier, 1 piece backed LS-80/100/120/150/200, all these have the correct headstock angle, fret Binding, solid tops, (except most LS-120's), nitro finishes, and one piece backs.

Produced for only 2 years from 1982 to early 1984, these were the domestic Japanese version, only for sale in Japan, the Squire JV were the cheaper export models. The finish on the 115 is all nitro, the 85 body is nitro, and the TL52-95 tele is all nitro finished also.Most Ob G flametops are usually quite understated, and any Ob G with a highly flamed or quilted top (the LPQ models) are unusual, and normally veneer. F type pickups, (which are very nice) they are finished in poly not nitro, some Orvilles were issued with Photo-flametops, and K serial numbers were in a different factory to Fuji-gen.There are some LPQ solid quilted models but again very rare. Orville by Gibson's used the premium wood available to the luthiers. its now generally agreed that these were the Terada factory From early in 1995, Orville by Gibson was discontinued, and in 1998 Orvilles were rebranded as Epiphone by Gibson (Japan).There are some Ob G LPS models which were produced in very limited numbers, like the 54 LP (stoptail and P90's), and some Limited Edition runs of (usually) 50 guitars .There were also a number of limited run series made for large Japanese guitar shops, such as Yamano, these can be spotted by the lack of a pickguard hole as they were ordered with the pickguards off, and are sometimes, but not always, solid flame tops, and one very limited run features solid Flametops, and a one piece back.

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