Groupshield anti spam not updating

They mass-mail messages, hoping to entrap the unwary, drawing them to a phishing site. Like other hacker attacks that mix and match ploys, phishing attacks can be accompanied by insertions of spyware and the like.Like everything on the Internet, the problem is by no means limited to consumer systems, and it is fast becoming a corporate computing issue, too."This is becoming an enterprise issue as well," said Michael Siegel, product manager, Mc Afee Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., "If you receive these e-mails at work, you open up a hole within your enterprise for some pretty malicious stuff." For its part, Mc Afee has added phishing detection rule sets to a host of filters it offers, along with its Spam Killer for Mail Servers products and services.The company is a member of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, an industry association that includes Master Card, Visa, Trend Micro, Symantec, Veri Sign and others.Join this forum for help buying, configuring, and troubleshooting Mc Afee and Intel Security antivirus and security products.Discussions on the product removal tool, preventing malware and SPAM, anti-theft, anti-spyware, data backup, and Wi-Fi protection.Implementing different sets of policies for various organizational groups, he said, is a major challenge. 6, 2004) Phishers use zombie nets to automate attacks (Nov.24, 2004) Net banking fraudsters step up phishing scams (Nov.

Currently all mail passes through a Barracuda and it does block probably 99% of the potential threats, but I feel like I need to go ahead and install our license of Groupshield 6.0 on the new Exchange server.

Needless to say I explained that we were not going to do that and that he should try a different approach to fixing this small problem.

He asked about how the installation had taken place.

Hello all, Looking for opinions based on actual experience here. I can be long winded, so please bear with me: Here is the situation.

I recently moved everything over to a new Server 2003/Exchange 2003 server and brought down our 2000/2000 server.

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