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It also means that I frequently meet people who met their partner on e Harmony or who have a close friend or relative who did.

It’s always cool to meet e Harmony couples, but we’re now responsible for so many marriages in the United States (nearly 100,000 per year) that it’s no longer surprising when I do meet them.

Several of our larger competitors are also responsible for a lot of marriages in the United States. Online dating has become the third most-popular way for newlyweds to have met over the past five years.

(Interestingly, for people over age 50, it was the most-popular way to meet and get married.

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Organic word-of-mouth is when a friend goes to a great restaurant, is excited about their meal, and subsequently raves about the dining experience.

Next time you’re looking for a night out, you might consider dining there, especially if you trust your friend (and the restaurant clicks other boxes).

During the event, you see your friend’s social posts, you click on the hashtag and see other posts by attendees.

The plated food looks delicious and the tweets mention how everything hit the spot.

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