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If you and your husband are happy with what you do - it's not bad.

But i think i just need to sit down and seriously talk to him about it and how it really affects me emtionally.

more about Anna from Lviv I do not really believe in destiny as we build our life by our own models and projects.

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If you want to keep your relationship healthy then simply talk to him about it...communication is key.

Online Nutrition Coach/Trainer Over 40 bb of the week - Level Competitor (Female BB) Over35 Training Journal: Some people are fine with multiple times a day, others multiple times a week, some with multiple times a month, some with multiple times a year- no two couples are the same.

I think frequency isn't really something that has a finite number- it will be different for everyone.

I find that usually a guy "isn't in the mood" because he's busy, tired, stressed, or worried about stuff.

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