Intimidating shout bandage macro

For this, combat controlling abilities such as Hamstring and Intercept are excellent remedies, also this simple array of abilities means damage can be maintained even with limited rage. Always have Battle Shout applied in any fight - it's a big damage bonus!Or you can use Commanding Shout, for a health buff (recommended in arenas).In these situations, Warriors then become Off-Tanks, Main Assists, or Damage Dealers.(In Patch 3.1) In Pv P, many classes will avoid melee combat which will make defensive equipment significantly less usable, as well as Protection talents.However, this is extremely taxing on your rage meter, but well worth the effort in high-rage situations, a fairly common event in Pv P.It effectively adds a lot of extra damage to your burst capability.Warriors have retribution damage: if he suffers damage, he gains rage and his strikes will become much more deadly.A warrior's major problem is often to avoid being kited by more ranged-oriented classes or being starved for rage.

If the target is kept within melee range, the secondary requirement for a warrior win revolves around properly interrupting key spells or at least put a talented overpower debuff.

Although this is open to debate, in Pv P most warriors use a slow, high-DPS 2H weapon, and have spent talents mostly in Arms for Mortal Strike, Bladestorm, Sudden Death and his weapon specialization (MS).

Few points are spent in the Fury tree, like Cruelty ( crit chance). It costs half the rage of Mortal Strike, true, but Mortal Strike is an instant attack and therefore is an extra 'free hit'.

The use of Heroic Strike however does vary, if used correctly and timed with Mortal Strike can allow you to hit your opponent twice in rapid succession.

Since one is an instant, and the other a free swing attack, they can hit directly one after the other for a large burst of heavy damage.

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