Joe jonas dating taylor swift

And though neither relationship made it to 2009, Gomez and Swift's friendship stood the test of time and has become, according to Gomez, the "best thing" either of them got out of their short-lived, late-aughts love stories."We actually dated the Jonas brothers together!It was hysterical," Gomez said during a visit to British radio station KISS FM this week.

But, in 2013, the Jonas ended the band and the album was cancelled.

Would it be too far-fetched to expect to see Swift and Gomez at Joe's upcoming wedding to Sophie Turner?

Coming eight years after their romance first begun, the American star, 29, took to social media on Tuesday to throw a dig at the Blank Space singer - after it was believed she was the subject of her song Better Than Revenge.

Following his departure from the band, Jonas began working as a songwriter for various artists.

He began working on a new musical project for himself, though was unsure whether it would be his second studio album or a new project for a band.

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