Lance armstrong dating olsen twin libra woman dating a cancer man

Ruth also makes a pun on menstrual cycle, the sequence of events in which women have their periods.When some women have their periods, they can become overly emotional.It was stated that he did not embody the spirit or goals of the Foundation and resigned of his own will.) Third base with an Olsen twin; that's the sin, face it!(Ruth retorts to Armstrong's previous line about his sins, citing Armstrong's brief fling with Ashley Olsen, one half of the Olsen Twins.Ruth further implies that Armstrong must have given her a "Livestrong" bracelet in order for her to date him.) The whole nation knows you ride too tight in the crotch!(Ruth is making a joke about how cyclists have to wear tight shorts when they ride, and since Armstrong only has one testicle, it makes his crotch area even tighter.Since that time, black men have progressed to dominate many sports, and Armstrong thinks this would have been too much of an advantage for whites during Babe Ruth's time before it happened.

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He also may be referring to Ruth withering away to skin and bones after his condition became worse in later years.

The stereotype for French people is that they normally act rude with other people, usually foreigners.

Lance says they still behave better than Ruth, who drank a lot of booze and ate a lot of food.) So swing, batter batter! ("Swing, batter batter" is a common baseball taunt to make the batter lose his focus and swing at the wrong time.

Ruth sees Armstrong as moody, so he calls Armstrong a girl on her period because of his attitude, mixing in cyclist with menstrual cycle.) You set records before black men could compete; are you kidding me?

(Ruth's records were set before Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier in 1947.

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