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One of my close friends on imvu told me that her account got hacked and she couldn't see her boyfriend on there.

So suddenly I got the idea to click the link and get my account back and give it to her.

So about 3 days ago, this time without telling anyone, I gave my account away to a trusted friend.

But actions speak louder than words and I know obsessing over him wont help anything.

He is still there in that rp world, and I dont want any part of it. I'm proud of myself for leaving, but now I'm just trying to forget this guy and get some self-respect.

He said he really did not love me, he thought I'm a great girl and he cares about me but not love.

He said he didnt want to hurt me so he just pretended to love me because he felt heartless to reject me. To make a long story short, his best friend told me that he confessed to her that he's in love with her (told her this a few weeks before and she was just watching us feeling sorry for me knowing he wasnt really in love with me).

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