Manager of pid file quit without updating file ubuntu

Please note that the bytecode format used by Lua JIT 2.0/2.1 is not compatible with that used by the standard Lua 5.1 interpreter.So if using Lua JIT 2.0/2.1 with ngx_lua, Lua JIT compatible bytecode files must be generated as shown: compatible with Lua JIT 2.0, and vice versa.Back to TOC This module embeds Lua, via the standard Lua 5.1 interpreter or Lua JIT 2.0/2.1, into Nginx and by leveraging Nginx's subrequests, allows the integration of the powerful Lua threads (Lua coroutines) into the Nginx event model.Unlike Apache's mod_lua and Lighttpd's mod_magnet, Lua code executed using this module can be on network traffic as long as the Nginx API for Lua provided by this module is used to handle requests to upstream services such as My SQL, Postgre SQL, Memcached, Redis, or upstream HTTP web services.当安装好mysql后,启动:/etc/init.d/mysql start 却报了个错:Starting My SQL.. 安装mysql 版本: mysql-5.1.41-linux-i686-icc-glibc23gz 第一步:mysql5.1.30 初次启动会出现Manager of pid-file quit without updating fi[FAILED]的报错,需要注释/etc/my.cnf里的skip-federated注释掉即#skip-federated就OK了!但还不好用。错误依旧。 第二步: 杀掉已经启动的进程 果然有两个顽固分子杀之!!!kill -9 8037(杀掉这个8016那个就自动被杀了!)kill -9 8016开心的时刻终于到来了 CODE:[[email protected] mysql]# /etc/init.d/mysql restart My SQL manager or server PID file could not be found!Back to TOC The latest version of this module is compatible with the following versions of Nginx: recommended to use Open Resty releases which integrate Nginx, ngx_lua, Lua JIT 2.1, as well as other powerful companion Nginx modules and Lua libraries.It is discouraged to build this module with nginx yourself since it is tricky to set up exactly right.

这个问题博主是在运营的一个网站上发现的,起因是今早我收到一个朋友的反馈。他说他支付宝付款后没有收到服务通知邮件。然后我连接数据库查看记录后发现他付款是成功的,但是系统没有更新状态。所以接着查看系统日志文件,提示“数据库连接错误”。到这一步,我基本确定是数据库出了问题。 接着博主查看mysql进程,发现数据库在运行,且好久没有重启过。我的网站从数据库读取更新数据一切正常。但是在命令行用mysql连接数据库却出现错误,“Can't connect to local My SQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock'” ,而且在/tmp目录下没有mysql.sock文件。 我试着重启mysql数据库,又出现“Starting My SQL.

If you want to do generic TCP communications with the downstream clients, then you should use the ngx_stream_lua module instead which has a compatible Lua API.

Back to TOC Just to name a few: The possibilities are unlimited as the module allows bringing together various elements within Nginx as well as exposing the power of the Lua language to the user.

When the bytecode format is incompatible, you will see a Lua runtime error saying that the Lua module is not found.

When you have multiple is required here because otherwise our archive will be skipped because no symbols in our archive are mentioned in the main parts of the nginx executable.

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