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About 1 400 years ago, women surrounding and interacting with the Prophet were successful businesswomen, skilled in science and the arts. In fact, Khadijah, the Prophet’s first wife, proposed to him even though, in his mid-20s, he was more than a decade younger than she was.Community regression But as Laila says, generally speaking, the Muslim community seems to have regressed in this respect.Those less willing to take a gamble might take these odds: “Be one of our four marriages every day.” Collectively, these sites boast hundreds of thousands of profiles of men and women from around the world, from every conceivable Muslim sect, in every shape, size and colour imaginable.They ask questions such as “Are you a born or reverted Muslim?He even sent me pictures of his wedding.” Maryam, a 30-year-old health sciences graduate, says she has had mostly negative experiences on the international sites.

What he failed to mention was that he was also deeply in love with a Hindu woman with whom marriage was a no-no. ) who turned out to be a 55-year-old nobody from who knows where.The emphasis was on learning how to cook, bake, sew and clean so that she could be the model wife, mother and daughter-in-law.Traditional roles But Muslim women have increasingly started to challenge these traditional roles.Mum prayed the Salaatul Istikhaarah, the prayer of guidance, and, after dreaming that the two of them were shopping for furniture together, she agreed to marry dad.In those days, that is how most Muslim women met their match.

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