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REC: just for fun, little or no league experience, less serious players INTER: athletic and/or has previous league experience, moderately competitive COMP: very experienced, skilled players.

more serious players and teams OPEN: only one division offered, mixture of players and skill levels will be encountered I don't know anyone, how can I get on a team?

Play at whatever level is comfortable for you, but remember, it's all for fun!!

This is a general classification and may vary depending on the league.

In addition, Mingle2 has far fewer members to contact and seem to match members up with those of the opposite sex who are likely quite inappropriate.

So you can try this, but keep those expectations low.

Okay - the best online dating sites that don’t require a credit card? Most, like Match, try to fool the daters by saying it’s free to sign up and search and communicate with someone - but that is only if someone who’s a paying member writes to you first. Unless you can sign up, create a profile and upload some pics and then search the members area (the free and paid members), the sites are just deceiving visitors - like e Harmony, which advertises its “free communication weekends.”A phrase intended to deceive, since you cannot communicate with anyone you want.

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People from all walks of life and professions are represented in the Club, bound by the common interest of playing sports and staying active. In fact, a number of Club Sport members have met their perfect match or best friends right there on the field.So a truly free site must allow a new user to set up a profile, search the database, let you know the last time the person was on the site (no point spending energy on someone who has not visited for a month or more) and allow you to both send and receive messages from other users.Of course, all online dating sites have added premium features to enhance your experience, to monetize the experience, but free has to include the critical elements of search and two-way communication.Your spot "in line" is not guaranteed without a credit card holding your spot. In the rare event we do not have room to place you on a team, we'll keep your name on a list if a spot opens up or for the following season.In coed leagues, a guy has a MUCH better chance of finding a team if signing up with a female. Plus, we do not charge the league fee or deposit your check until we actually place you on a team.

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