Online dating who pays

Gals show their generosity in other ways: They’re way more likely to treat the guy they’ve been dating for a while to a home-cooked meal, 80 percent, than to a restaurant dinner, 50 percent, or a movie, also 50 percent. ’ If not to use the guy, why are some gals so reluctant to help pay the tab?

Bill behavior isn’t as simple as dollars and cents.

Most first dates come straight out of the pages of a 1920s romance novel, and after a man generously treats a woman, he still expects something in return.

Namely, he expects her to return the favor of paying. ) An Elle/survey of about 74,000 online readers found that most guys want gals to help with the check after a few free meals.

For some, money isn’t exactly an appropriate dinner topic on the first few dates, anyway.

“I feel uncomfortable if a guy pays for everything,” said the 24-year-old Hoock, now a business consultant for IBM.

“There are many more pitfalls for males than females,” said Janet Lever, a sociologist at California State University in Los Angeles who helped write and interpret the study.

That’s because some gals who make the modern effort just do it to be polite.

But that’s tricky because gals are torn over tab sharing: Some are reluctant to pay while others are adamant about their ability to pay.

Our Money, Sex & Love survey illustrates that the question of who pays has gotten complicated.

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