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now 1994 80 series cruiser diesel wagon bull bar side steps, mags,dual batt system,2 waecos 35lt,40lt h/reese towbar,103amp agm batt, 500w inverter.narva spotties, uniden uh7700nb uhf 40 ch narrow band, 2.5kva inverter generator SKYPE NAME possum.58 thank you for putting that info up, i did try the official site with my gps and they asked me what system it was running and when i told them, they said they couldnt help.https://forum.planet-nomads.com/thre...enerate-worlds I'm locking the thread. If the bug isnt the same then PM me to re-open the thread or simply create a new one with the template.I can't stop the spreadsheet updating links to other documents in 2007 Excel. I have chosen this display to upgrade from a display from another company currently I use.I have posted here about this issue, and have seen other people have the same problem.

This is a shame to have so good product with this kind of issue.Support, please let me know if I'm loosing something, but I need one of this two things: 1. release a update so we can use custom digits including the period!!able to show floating values like 123.5 Can I expect this two or one of them to be revised ?Flicker on text is annoying, and I can't belive a 0 display (I use capacitive with bezel) cannot solve this issue...I have opted to use custom digits, as it does not flick, to do not let this good LCD to go. I have seen it can include "-" sign, but period I have not find out how to use it, without doing bad tricks like trying to replace the "-" or some digit with the period. I just need to show decimal (or floating) values without flicker!

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