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In September 2011, The sixth form college separated from the high school, making them two different locations.It is no longer featured on the programme with the sixth form college and students taking the place of the high school, The building was reverted to a high school in 2013, also including a sixth form. Claire (Head teacher); Nancy Osborne (Deputy Head Teacher, English teacher); Louis Loveday (Deputy Head Teacher, History teacher); Courtney Campbell (Science teacher) Current students: Tom Cunningham, Peri Lomax, Alfie Nightingale, Prince Mc Queen, Hunter Mc Queen, Lily Drinkwell, Yasmine Maalik, Imran Maalik, Oliver Morgan Hollyoaks Community College commonly known as the HCC is the local college in Hollyoaks village, supplying teenagers with further education.One of the show's recurring characters DS Geoff Thorpe (James Bradshaw) work here.Current staff:

The majority of the characters live in the centre of the village, however some, for example the Mc Queens live just outside.Lisa then took over Sonia's place as the new co-owner.Lisa renames the burger bar Lisa's Love Boat after being under new management.Charles S'avage (unqualified doctor), Mercedes Mc Queen (cleaner), Suzanne Ashworth (nurse), Dr. Lindsey Roscoe (junior/senior doctor), Nurse Celine Mc Queen (nurse), Dr.Berrington (oncologist) Nurse Kim Butterfield Lisa's Love Boat (formerly The Tug Boat) is a burger bar opened in 2015 by Lockie Campbell (Nick Rhys) and Sonia Albright (Kiza Deen), after Sonia persuaded her legal mother Simone Loveday (Jacqueline Boatswain) to invest in the new business venture.

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