Recipient update service not updating

However, if any of these are deleted using a tool like ADSIEdit, which the Exchange System Manager GUI has no control over, it will prevent critical services like the information store service and MTA Stacks service from starting. Recipient policies based on organizational units (OU): Another misconception and a frequently asked question in many forums is how one can apply a recipient policy to recipients in a particular OU, or apply the policy to an OU so it gets applied to all recipients in that OU. Recipient policies are applied to recipients filtered on recipient attributes, such as department, location, city, or country.

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In other words, the Recipient Update Service selects the highest-priority non-excluded policy that applies to the user.

The RUS lists two Services - an ENTERPRISE CONFIGURATION and a COMPANY configuration (COMPANY = AD domain name). Both use the same domain Controller and Exchange Server & these are valid.

I am fairly sure this used to work, but it has stopped.

Deleting email address rules in the default recipient policy: Rules in the default recipient policy can be modified to accomplish tasks like generating email addresses for an SMTP address space for your public/registered DNS domain.

These rules should not be deleted, and the recipient policy GUI actually prevents you from doing so.

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