Sagittarius dating another sagittarius

A person who puzzles them and keeps them on their toes will ultimately capture their hearts. Feel free to try new things with them; they’ll never say no.

To find out if a Sagittarius is right for you, call a psychic now!

Sagittarius singles are some of the most interesting people you're likely to meet, and some of the best dates you're likely to have.

And with so many of them here at Another, you're sure to find a Sagittarian who interests you in our extensive Irish zodiac singles listings.

Date a Sagittarius As the perfect match for fun-loving, jovial Sagittarius, you’re comfortable and secure, and you don’t mind getting separated at a cocktail party.

Always remember, the harder you cling, the more Sag will resist.

Born with a love of challenging conquests and the mind of a philosopher, they are constantly in search of the undiscovered and the unknown.

But at least you can be certain that they're never harbouring any secret grudges or bottling up any resentment.

You'll know if a Sagittarius is unhappy with you almost immediately.

They will always speak their mind, even if they're thinking something you'd rather not hear.

It's never their intention to offend, though – they just feel the need to be honest, and can't understand why anyone wouldn't want to hear the truth.

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