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Peet's real-life pregnancy was written into the show, with Jordan being pregnant by an ex-boyfriend.performer and one of the "Big Three" main stars of Studio 60.In "The Cold Open", Jordan proposes a network policy of charging a 20% "cowardice fee" surcharge for advertisers who had acquiesced to boycotts by the Christian right but came back after the boycotted show in question turned out to be successful.

She is described in the pilot script as an "instantly likeable 30-something" and "someone who every man's wife can find an irrational reason to hate".She received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University.Harriet's character is based on West Wing alumna Kristin Chenoweth, whom Sorkin once dated.Danny is apparently largely based on Aaron Sorkin's frequent collaborator and Studio 60 executive producer Thomas Schlamme, (Matthew Perry) is a former head writer for Studio 60 who in the show's pilot episode, is asked to return when executive producer Wes Mendell is fired.With Danny, Matt has gone from strength to strength, with the pair going onto films and Matt even winning a Writer's Guild Award on the night featured in the pilot.

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