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The collection which i created on central console gets replicated to primary and membership information is also visible on primary console.i cant find any error message in logs (smsdbmon, colleval,smsprovider etc).Initially it took around 6-8 hours for a system to appear in collection then gradually it become better. It might be some collection was stuck, but not sure what exactly was the issue.Trying to find what went so wrong but no success yet.For example, If i create a collection in SCCM console it gets created in console with a sand hour on it, but collection membership does not get updated.

Will SCCM pause sending the medium priority package in preference to my high priority job? Once sending is underway it continues until completion and then the highest priority item after that will be transferred next.

For purposes of discussion, a two tiered structure keeps things simple.

On CEN we have an address configured for PRI – so we know were it is and can send data to it – and we have a sender configured.

Hi All, I am facing an issue with collection membership in SCCM.

The modifications i am making on SCCM console are getting into WMI and also flowing to primary sites lower in the hierarchy however, any modification is not getting into central database.

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