Sedation with non sedating antihistamines dating easteurope

The first antihistamines were developed during World War II.These drugs have been around for as long as penicillin and fifteen years longer than Tylenol®.When an allergic reaction occurs histamine and other biochemical messenger substances are released from mast cells, the lynch pin cell in the type of allergic reaction called immediate hypersensitivity.

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Meclizine (Bonine®) is superior to other antihistamines for dizziness. The major disadvantage of classical antihistamines is their tendency to cause central nervous system depression, drowsiness, and sedation.Antihistamines are a family of drugs having many uses in the treatment of allergic disorders.If you have an allergy problem you've probably used and will use many different antihistamines.Most of these agents are rapidly absorbed and quickly eliminated from the body making them advantageous for treatment of sudden, brief allergic reactions. These antihistamines also have antiemetic properties making them useful for treating motion sickness and nausea.Some antihistamines are better suited for a special purpose than others.

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