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But you could totes get away with taking us to Tenpin followed by a game of Laser Quest.

We have a custom built club to cater for every single need you may want, to meet as a social get together with other like minded couples / swingers, from beginners and novices to the more experienced – There is something here for everyone.

The Prime Minister suffered the embarrassment of having to rely on Labour and Lib Dem MPs to secure victory, with a total of 136 Tories voting against the measure, more than the 126 who voted in favour.

But scores of Tories rejected the plea of their leader.

Accept it is all my fault, again, as an old white cunt but a little confused at the experts orf colour popping up orn telly now demanding a return to ‘Stop and Search’ as maligned by the PC brigade for years – providing it is part orf a holistic approach and is seen as one tool from a toolbox orf other measures including cuddly toys for all and tea lights in every crack den. I reckon at least six more carve ups have taken place in the Smoke since YT started this missive.

Personally YT believes it is all doine to the extra hour orf daylight (de yoot need plenty orf light for a good drive by) so roll orn the long hot days orf summer.

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