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When he struck gold in 1997, Mr Donnelly was a college student living on a council estate and earning £60 a week working part-time in a small chemist shop.

He quickly abandoned his pharmaceutical course, took his friends on a holiday to Thailand and bought a £2,000 executive seat at Celtic Park to watch his beloved football team’s home games.

When David finished the final lap we were ecstatic.’ But its potentially harmful side effects mean it must be used with caution.

It is a beta-blocker which weakens the effects of stress hormones on the heart muscles, airways, arteries, kidneys and other nervous system tissues.

Sources added Mr Donnelly was believed to have suffered from health problems, and that at this stage his death was being attributed to natural causes.

Former GP Richard Simpson, now Scottish Labour’s public health spokesman, described beta-blockers, and Propranolol in particular, as ‘excellent drugs’, which had made ‘a difference to many people’s lives’.

He was given the option of dropping out of the show by producers, but instead decided to appear on the 90-minute programme hosted by TV-chef James Martin.

He later said: ‘It just seemed like the right thing to do and what Lynsay would have wanted.

When he hit the jackpot in 1997, sharing the £25million prize fund with 12 other winners, he toasted with Coca-Cola because he was too young for champagne.

But his instant riches made him unhappy and he appeared increasingly unable to handle the strain of being a millionaire, friends said.

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