Tupperware dating gift

It’s important to be on the same page as your recipient about the merits of used finds, but I for one am incredibly thankful that my family is on board the used train.Saves us all a ton of money and, helps keep things from the landfill!

This is an approach we agreed upon several years ago and its been the best holiday-related decision I think we’ve ever made.Presents are often a divisive topic amongst the frugal cadre as we, by our inherent frugal weirdo nature, can’t abide seeing money wasted on worthless stuff.However, as people who are equal parts frugal and Christmas adorers, Mr.I save every gift card we receive and, more often than not, translate it into a gift for someone else. FW and I need and so I’m happy to use gift cards in service of future gifts. I know this is controversial, but I personally think it’s fine if it’s done thoughtfully.I store all gifts that we won’t be using in a box with a note of who gave them to us (there’s nothing more gauche than re-gifting back to the original recipient…

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