Updating a datarow

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Sorry that it took some time to write back - my internet connection was (is) down - I've got to work via mobile...

A data row represents an individual data source record. The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Command cells belong to command columns and display command items.

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This ensures that any formulas in the spreadsheet are re-computed before the workflow rule is invoked.

One comment: you have set Use Preload to true in your connection string.

You can further restrict when a workflow rule is triggered by specifying the type of update that triggers the workflow rule.

For example: Changes you make directly to the spreadsheet do not go through the App Sheet server, so they do not trigger the App Sheet workflow rules.

The App Sheet server then checks whether any workflow rules should be triggered.

A workflow rule is triggered when the table you specify in the workflow rule is changed.

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