Updating a kitchen for cheap

I actually also own a more expensive brand’s (Wusthof) santoku knife but I prefer using the Victorinox one for my cooking.Food just seems to slice better and easier with it.I had owned a different Cuckoo rice cooker before this as well. I don’t know all the technical details but what I know is that my rice cooker cooks the most delicious rice.It always gives me rice with just right – nice, fluffy and moist – texture. (It has an internal steam cleaning function so you can always keep the rice cooker clean even internally!I didn’t think I would use it much but surprisingly it is so handy to have a lid that fits perfectly onto a skillet.

Also when I bought the skillet I bought the lid as well.It has many settings so you can not only cook rice, but you can also cook rice porridge, bake cakes and do so much more.Unfortunately I’m just too busy to utilise all the functions it has to offer at present but it’s all there!(I set mine to English so that my husband can cook the rice as well, which is quite handy.) The “only downside” I can think of is the price.I think I paid close to USD 0 for this one but I consider it as an investment as it saves my time and gives me consistently great results (as long as the water to rice ratio is correct).

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