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To take advantage of the of the fast refresh, connect to the master instance and create the materialized view log.

If a materialized view is configured to refresh on commit, you should never need to manually refresh it, unless a rebuild is necessary.

WORLD'; CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW emp_mv BUILD IMMEDIATE REFRESH FORCE ON DEMAND AS SELECT * FROM [email protected]; -- Create the tale first. CREATE TABLE emp_mv AS SELECT * FROM [email protected]; -- Build the materialized view using the existing table segment.

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The following code creates a refresh group defined to refresh every minute and assigns a materialized view to it.Update operation will fail, because we can't update data through DB View, we can only read.This means, there should be another Entity Object available with direct connection to the DB table.Remember, refreshing on commit is a very intensive operation for volatile base tables.It makes sense to use fast refreshes where possible.

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