Updating mini cooper onboard navigation system

Duncan, Angela, Virginia, Daughter of Robbie Robertson (New Member, two years) 2.

Grimaud, Lowell A., California, Det 1, 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing, Flightline Maintenance Officer (Renewal of his membership) 3.

I know I can speak for all members of the Tan Son Nhut Association in wishing Gods speed and blessing for this special Marine. Wayne Salisbury USAF, MSgt (Ret)Tan Son Nhut Association President Emeritus FROM THE WEB MASTER: The Tan Son Nhut Association would like to take this time to share our latest Member information: 1. Georgieff, Louis, Texas, 8th Aerial Port Squadron (New Member, signed up for five years) Comments: Hello, I found some TDY papers of my father's from his time in Viet Nam and by his name was "1876th Comm Sq". I searched the web and found that the 1876th was at Tan Son Nhut.

Treadway, Fred G., Florida, 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (Renewal of his membership) Comments: I was trying to sign in to the Tan Son Nhut Guestbook. Perhaps you could tell me if there is any way to find out what the 1876 Comm Sq did? Adkinslieu dit Fondemenge82600 Aucamville France Comments: Gentlemen; "Welcome Home!

Let us keep them in our prayers that they may return home to their loved ones safely and soon.

God Bless All and God Bless America, Johnnie and Sharon Jernigan Comments: Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters. Part of my duties included augmenting to Protocol handling the monthly boon doggy of folks coming in (sic) IG inspection teams.

Even "Old Tent City B"We would like to hear from anyone who might have anything to offer, maybe even TET 1968 or Mini TET 1968.

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We'd run up and down the streets, dodging in and out of the many alleys, always looking for a tactical advantage over other boys that were similarly equipped.

Karl has often said that he would have gone with me in the Air Force, but his mother would not permit it.

Many years later Karls grandson, Tanner Cook, joined the Marine Corp.

Wimer, Jack W., South Dakota, 7th Air Force, Command Center (Blue Chip) (Renewal) Comments: It is again the time of the year that we celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

For those of us able to read this, he has been gracious.

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